Kevin Chen

Hey, I am Kevin, a software engineer. Currently looking for my next role.

My interests are in full-stack development, although admittedly I've spent more time working in backend systems.

A pencil-drawn horse, where the rear-side is drawn exquisitely and the front-side looks cartoonish.
<sarcasm>Hopefully it's not as bad as the "full-stack horse".</sarcasm>

Recently, I've acquired experience with React, Typescript, GraphQL, and Hasura. More broadly, I've acquired backend experience with SQL and NoSQL; scaling out microservices built on Golang; designing APIs with GraphQL, REST, gRPC + Protocol Buffers; event-driven architectures with Kafka; working with infrastructure on AWS and GCP; Docker and Kubernetes; Java/Spring, Rails, etc.

Outside of programming, you can find me coaching on a squash court, playing bullet chess, or noodling on a guitar.

Find me on GitHub or Twitter.